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I cannot stress enough that the true purpose of love spells is not to create love but to find it and to remove the obstacles between it and you.  To cast a love spell on an unwilling person is to cast a spell against them, and just like trying to change someone in a traditional relationship, this often results in resentment.  Below is just one example of how a correctly cast Wiccan love spell can transform your romantic life.  I guarantee the results of my love spells when they are used with a pure and true purpose.

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“I have to say that I never really believed that free love spells were real, but after years of pursuing my good friend with no results, I figured only magic or a miracle could bring us together.  Let me back up a little bit and explain that I have been in love with Jeremy for years.  Through our teen years and well into adulthood, we have been great friends.  I always felt that there was something between us, and yet nothing ever came of it.  I wondered, “How long can I wait on just a hunch?”  The answer was…until last year.  A friend referred me to what she called “a real witch” (Amalia), and while I was skeptical I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the fact that she guaranteed her witchcraft white magic.  How can you guarantee love?
Well, she was quick to explain that she would not use magic to force love, and I was actually relieved to hear it.  I loved Jeremy as a friend, and if that’s all he felt for me then I was willing to face that.  Amalia explained that if love existed between us, her love spells would work to free it, but that if the love was only platonic, the love spell would change nothing.  I couldn’t believe how hopeful I’d become…That I actually began believing in magic and the power of Amalia’s love spells. Whitchcraft for white magick together witch witchcraft wiccan love spells
A week passed after we casted the love spell, and I began to worry that I had been wrong all along, and that Jeremy really was only a good friend.  But on the seventh day, we were together with friends at the movies, and in the darkness I felt him take my hand.  It was as simple as that—no revelation, nothing melodramatic, just the love of my life reaching out to me and confirming that the love I’d felt for so long really existed.  Just as Amalia had promised, her love spell had not changed Jeremy or me, just helped us to see and accept our love.
We have been together as man and wife for only a couple months, but after years of hiding our love it only felt natural to embrace it.  Our love is real, but it took a little magic and one amazing Wiccan spell caster to help Jeremy to see it.  I owe it all to Amalia and one beautiful, powerful love spell.  I will never doubt magic again.  whitchcraft and white magick guaranteed wiccan pagan wicca with wiccan Thank you Angela.
Signed Your Friend,
Mrs. Spatz”